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The Ledges Archery Club
the ledges archery club

The Ledges Archery Club

  • Director:
    John Siebert
  • Administrator:
    Luke Ostoyic
  • Club Instructors:
    John Siebert (USA Archery Level 2 Instructor)
    Luke Ostoyic (USA Archery Level 2 Instructor)
  • Primary Contact:
    John Siebert
  • Club Home Archery Range:
    Ohio Premier Archery & Sports (OPAS)
    14980 S. State Avenue
    Middlefield Ohio 44062
  • Club Divisions:
    Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)
    Adult Archery Program (AAP)
  • Club Dues:
    $60/year due January 1st. $10 for each additional family member

The Ledges Archery Club

About Us:

The Ledges Archery Club (LAC) is a competitive archery club and is part of USA Archery. LAC trains target archers in Olympic Recurve Bows, Compound Bows, Barebows and Longbows. LAC includes both a Junior Olympic Archery Develop Program (JOAD) for archers 8 years old through 20 years old and the Adult Archery Program for archers over 20 years old. Becoming a member of LAC is easy! You must be a member of USA Archery then select The Ledges Archery Club (LAC) as your local club.

Every other month we hold a scoring round where the club members can earn their next JOAD or Adult rank. Ranks are a way of knowing how far you are along the competitive path. We hold the Qualification Round every even month i.e. Feb, Apr, Jun, etc. See the pdf matrixes listed below for qualifications to achieve your next medal. Members are encouraged to continue their progress down the matrix of achievement awards.

Since we are a competitive club, all members should attend state USA Archery/Ohio Target Archer tournaments. We are currently working up a list of the state tournaments that we will be attending depending on the membership involvement.

There is a $60/year dues that is due on January 1st of every year. If you join later in the year, the yearly dues is prorated by the month. (The prorated value is $5/month that has completed, so if you join in June, your prorated dues is $30.) Dues are used to purchase JOAD and Adult Awards (stars), educate members as Level 1, and Level 2 instructors and coaches, and to help offset the costs of running the club. To qualify for any JOAD and Adult Awards, you must be a USA Archery member in good standing. You can find out more about joining USA Archery by following this link. Volunteer help is appreciated especially for tournaments.

Monthly meetings will be held at home range on the first Tuesday evening of each month from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. During the winter (Jan-Apr), the meetings will be held on Saturday afternoons (time to be determined). During the summer, meetings could be held at Hidden Lake Metro Park. The first hour is about shooting archery, the next 15 minutes covers a topic about shooting and the last 45 minutes returns to shooting archery. The range fee is $10 for each meeting for all LAC members.

Club Member Benefits:

  • Enjoy the sport recreationally or progress through the competitive ranks
  • Learn valuable life skills that will help to build character and develop life-long friendships
  • Receive instructions on the sport of archery from USA Archery certified instructors and coaches
  • Receive step-by-step instructions on how to measure progress and achieve goals
  • Earn recognition and tangible awards through the JOAD and Adult Archery Achievement Programs
  • Participate in local, state, regional and national events
  • Use of the range once a month at no costs for as long as wanted
  • Once a month club meetings/coaching session for 2 hours – $10/range time
  • 5% Discount at OPAS for all purchases if paid full year dues not prorated
  • Club t-shirt
  • Shoot one winter league at no cost. If league is a team league. Team portion of cost still required. Typically $5/week.

Club Offerings:

  • JOAD team
  • Homeschool NASP support
  • Afterschool programs
  • Archery Academy program
  • Adult/Veterans program
  • Level 1 Instructor courses for camps, parks & rec departments