Ohio Premier Archery & Supply

Archery/Bow Service and Repairs

Archery/Bow Service and Repairs.

Service Work/Online Booking: We are able to perform many of our services for walk-ins, but DO NOT rely on it, call ahead of time for anything that you need done in person, such as peep ties, kisser installation, etc. Walk-ins may have to wait because it is on a first come first-served basis. Scheduled appointments get the main priority. If you need to schedule 1 on 1 time with our technician, our hourly rate of $30 applies, expect all other services will be tagged and picked up upon completion. To schedule and pay online, visit our booking site @ https://square.site/book/HCD439AZTB3MZ/ohio-premier-archery-and-sports-middlefield-oh. If you do not wish to pay online or don't know which service applies to your needs, all of our drop-off services are open to walk-ins. Appointments can also be scheduled over the phone at 440.632.8007.

Crossbow Service:

  • Complete Set Up and Sight In $35.00
  • Mount Scope and Sight In $20.00
  • String Replacement $25.00
  • All prices listed are for labor charges only parts are additional unless noted.
  • All tech services are performed to your satisfaction.

Range Fees:

  • Hourly Range Pass $5.00
  • All Day Range Pass $10.00

*If you have an active range pass and you participate in leagues, you only have to pay towards the pot. (ex. Weekly)

String Cable Replacement Services:

  • We only use Rogue Strings, a top of the line string making company based in Dover, Ohio. They offer four different string series to outfit any archers goals, including their own proprietary material. They build the strings to the exact manufacturer specs and pre-stretch them. For more information on the series, visit their website at https://www.roguebowstrings.com or stop in to the store and ask one of our employees. The cost includes a setup and tier one tune.
  • You can choose up to 3 color combinations for your string and the serving color at no extra charge! R21s only come in single color.
  • R21Proprietary $225.00
  • R19Pro $185.00
  • R17m $160.00
  • R15e $135.00

Professional Archery Services:

  • Hourly Shop Rate $30.00
  • Peep installation $5.00
  • Kisser Installation $5.00
  • Sight Installation $5.00
  • Basic Rest Installation $5.00
  • Drop Away Rest Installation $15.00
  • String Loop Installation $5.00
  • String Silencers (free w/purchase) $5.00
  • Re-Serve Center Serving $15.00
  • Re-Serve End Loops (per loop) $30.00
  • Serve In String Stopper $10.00
  • Re-Adjust Timing $10.00
  • Adjust Draw Length $5.00
  • Adjust Draw Weight $3.00

All of our technicians are pro-certified by our manufacturers.

Bow Rental Per Hour

  • Compound Bow Rental w/instruction $30.00
    *required when renting for first time renters
  • Compound Bow Rental $20.00
  • Recurve Bow Rental w/instruction $25.00
  • Recurve Bow Rental $15.00

Service Packages

Basic Bow Set-Up
(free with purchase of bow) includes.

  • Installation of all accessories
  • Two hours of range time
  • 20 yard sighting in
  • Custom arrow selection
  • Arrows cut to length and inserted
  • Professional consultation and shooting instructions.

Tier 1- Basic Tune-Up

  • Safety check
  • Paper tune rest
  • Adjust weight Wax strings
  • Lube axles and limb pockets
  • Check timing
  • Adjust string nock or loop $35.00

Tier 2 - Super Tune Set-Up

  • All of the above with addition to:
  • Lube axle and limb pockets
  • Laser tuning
  • Adjust timing
  • Chronograph bow
  • FOC calculation
  • Replace string loop or nock
  • Reserve peep $50.00

Custom Arrow Service

All arrow purchases comes with a custom selection for weight, (FOC) front of center calculation and kinetic energy calculation.

  • Refletch with customer vanes (per vane) $0.75
  • Refletch w/ 3 vanes $3.00
  • Refletch w/ 4 vanes $3.50
  • Refletch w/Standard 4 or 5" Feathers $4.25
  • Refletch w/ Barred 4 or 5" Feathers $5.25
  • Arrows cut to length $0.60
    (included with arrow purchase)
  • Arrow cut to length w/ insert $1.00
    (included with arrow purchase)
  • Arrow wraps installed per arrow $1.10
  • Customer arrow wraps installed (per arrow) $0.75

Other Services Offered

  • Full line of Archery Accessories
  • Full line of deer call, broadheads, deer mineral supplements, and deer attractants.
  • Hunting Clothing
  • Turkey Hunting Supplies
  • Optics
  • Rangefinders and Binoculars
  • Muzzleloader Supplies
  • Gold Tip, Easton and Beman Arrows
  • Special Orders Available
  • And Much More