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target archery equipment

Target Archery Equipment

Target Archery Equipment.

When it comes to target archery, the equipment selections become infinity more complex. Luckily, OPAS can help you navigate your equipment needs depending on the type of target of archery you want to compete at and the type of equipment you want to use.

When it comes to target archery there are several different formats of target shooting … indoor range archery, field archery, 3D archery and outdoor range archery.

  • Indoor range archery is usually done on either a 5-spot round or a Vegas round. However, there are other types of indoor range shooting games that don't always happen at 20-yards.
  • Field archery is done on a course that can vary from 14-28 targets and from 1-3 days long events. In field archery, the range can have yardages from down to 15-feet to 80-yards with everything between.
  • 3D archery is shooting foam "realistic" animals. In this type of archery most of the targets are typically less than 40-yards. However, there are special events like Total Archery Challenge were the shots can be as long as 120-yards. As well, 3D archery can be shot indoors during the winter.
  • Outdoor range archery is typically rounds like the 900-Round which is shot at 40, 50, 60-yards. There are number of other types of archery rounds shot outdoors on a range.

Each of these four different broad types of target archery can be shoot with either compound, Olympic-style recurve, and traditional/recurve bows. Each type of shooting equipment requires different types of bow, arrows, releases and sights.

Compound bows uses cams to greatly reduce the draw weight of the bow to a holding weight that is anywhere between 60-90% less. They can be shot with release or fingers depending on your preference. OPAS can help you set up the right compound bow for any type of shooting from indoors to 3D to field rounds. We have all the latest equipment and accessories needed to make the exactly right setup to fit your type of shooting.

Olympic-style recurve bows don't need much explanation. We've seen them on TV during the Olympics. OPAS has everything you need to build a complete Olympic-style recurve bow from the basics to the most extreme setup including the arrows of choice Easton X-10's.

OPAS has a wide selection of traditional (long bow) and breakdown/non-breakdown recurve bows to participate in any of the above target shooting events.

If you already have the bases for a target archery rig, OPAS can help you finish it up including any service, tuning or bow string/cable replacement. OPAS uses Rogue Bowstrings exclusively which offers some of the best performance you can find in any bowstring on the market.

OPAS has all the block and bag targets necessary so you can practice with your new archery equipment. As well, we have a 20 yard indoor range where you can practice to hone your shooting skills. Ensure a good start and strong foundation by seeking a coach or mentor. If you need some professional help at improving your shooting skills, we offer coaching with USA Archery certified coaches.