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Hunting Archery Equipment
hunting archery equipment

Hunting Archery Equipment

Hunting Archery Equipment.

It all starts with the right bow. At OPAS, you'll find a great selection of products from top archery brands like Diamond®, Bear®, TenPoint® and more. Get the bow you need for your hunting style, including:

  • Compound Bows: The choice of many modern hunters, compound bows feature a system of cams that create "let-off," allowing the shooter to pull a heavier draw weight with significantly less resistance than a traditional bow. OPAS has bows with axle-to-axle (ATA) lengths down to under 30" and draw weights up to 80#.
  • Crossbows: Modern crossbows are fast and accurate, packing enough power to take down most big game animals in North America. For hunting, the ideal draw weight is between 150-175 lbs with a minimum speed of 350 FPS. We have a wide selection of recurve crossbows, compound crossbows, and rifle crossbows (reverse compound).
  • Recurve & Traditional Bows: Recurve bows are a great option for hunters looking for a different type of challenge or beginners just learning to shoot. We carry a wide selection of recurve bows from Bear® and ... We have a wide variety of draw weights in both recurve and traditional bows. Some of the recurve bows are take down types. All of them beautifully handmade instruments.

From tree stands, game cameras, and scent control products to the latest hunting apparel, OPAS carries the gear you need. Sharpen your shot by choosing arrows or crossbow bolts from the brands you trust, and customize your bow with essential archery accessories like stabilizers, sights, releases, quivers and more.

If your hunting equipment just needs a tune-up, we offer a range of services to get your hunting equipment performing at it's optimum condition. Whether it just needs tuned or new strings, we can take care of every aspect needed to get you ready for that next big hunt.

In the off-season, prepare to make the perfect shot with practice equipment like block, bag and 3D targets, and safely store your gear in a hard or soft bow case. As well, we have a 20 yard indoor range where you can practice to hone your shooting skills. Ensure a good start and strong foundation by seeking a coach or mentor. If you need some professional help at improving your shooting skills, we offer coaching with USA Archery certified coaches.