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About Us

About Us.

Ohio Premier Archery & Sports was founded in January of 2020, with the goal of establishing interest in archery for the next generation. Many pro shops, not unlike the experiences shared by our staff, cater to experienced hunters and don't stock inventory suitable for kids and target shooters. We want the customer to have the ability to see archery in every light. Not only do we maintain a full service pro shop with excellent customer relations, but we strive to grow the sport of archery in all of its facets. If you're a beginner, young or old, we have a highly experienced team of coaches on staff to help you. The coaching experience can take place either individually or through group classes. Are you experienced, but not seeing the progression you want? We have a USA certified archery coach with decades of experience that can help any archer step up their game to the next level. Do you enjoy the traditional side of archery, but can't find a shop with a well stocked inventory to suit your needs? We have you covered too.

Ohio Premier Archery & Sports was created by two lifelong hunters with a great appreciation for wildlife and the pursuit of game, Mike and Gary. With their collective experience in the outdoor industry, they began to see an unfortunate decline in interest in archery as a whole. Determined to pursue their passion they wanted to find a solution. What they came to discover was that there were a few major factors in the decreased involvement in the industry; high barriers to entry, lack of information, and lack of emphasis on archery as a sport. Getting the younger generation involved is paramount in the success of the sport, and with comprehensive rental programs, it's never been easier for anyone to give it a try. While the future is in the hands of the new generation, there are potential archers in every age group that need classes catered to their specific needs as well. Whoever you are and whatever your needs, Mike and Gary created a place in which you will receive the attention and expertise necessary to accomplish your archery goals. Between our technicians, coaches, and pro-staff, there will always be someone in the shop that can give you reliable information on our products, plain and simple. To attend to the last issue deterring people from realizing their archery potential, they defied the common practice of holding only hunting equipment and set out to showcase the target-shooting side of the bow and arrow. While hunting is our bread-and-butter, target archery equipment needed a presence in our store. People enjoy archery for many different reasons, but if you are someone who likes the idea of competing, we have the information and equipment you need to advance your archery career.

When you walk into our shop, you will be immersed in a welcoming atmosphere with staff and customers that will support and guide you through your OPAS experience. Our store is the perfect location for any event that you might have coming up. Between axe throwing and archery, show your co-workers, birthday party guests, friends or family a one of a kind experience that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Here at OPAS we have a passion for getting the community involved in outdoor activities and understand that we wouldn't be where we are without a loyal and dedicated customer base. We enjoy giving back to the community with excellent service, free monthly information classes and shooting opportunities. For all of our staff and those affiliated with us, it is our pleasure to pass forward the opportunity to become involved in the sport that has given us all so much.