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serving all your archery and outdoor sports needs
in Northeast Ohio

serving all your archery and outdoor sports needs
in Northeast Ohio

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We do everything archery - Traditional, Recurve, Olympic Recurve, Compound, Target Compound and Crossbow. Any repairs on any brand of bow is not a problem from the most complex to just restring and tuning. You can be assured that you're getting the most experienced advice from life long bowhunters and archers who have the experience and state/national awards to make a difference.

upcoming event/news

The Vegas Shoot - Virtual 2021

April 3rd @ 6:30pm, April 4th @ 4:00pm and April 5th @ 6:30pm

The National Field Archery Association (NFAA) will host the 2021 The Vegas Shoot via a virtual or mail-in format for 2021. The tournament will be hosted by NFAA clubs and shops across the country, allowing members to compete in smaller groups closer to home. Ohio Premier Archery will be one of those shops. We will be able to host 28 shooters the weekend of April 3rd at our shop.

Archers will be required to complete three NFAA Vegas 300 rounds (vegas face). Official tournament rules are at this link. Preliminary scores will be compiled via electronic scoring at each site and official scorecards will be verified by headquarters' staff. Registration cost per archer will be $75 for adult/senior divisions and $50 for junior divisions. For more information and to register for this event, click this link. Registration is now open.

Spring Intermediate Archery Academy

We are running a 6-week archery academy for intermediate archerys. It will be run from Sunday, April 11, 2021 to Sunday, May 16, 2021. For archers who already have some archery experience, Ohio Premier Archery and Sports 6-Week Intermediate Archery Academy provides the instruction and guidance to hone skills and improve form, focus, concentration and shot execution. The Intermediate Archery Academy class meets for 1-1/2 hour per week over a six-week period on Sunday mornings (10:00 am) at OPAS in Middlefield, Ohio at 14980 S. State Avenue. This creates a framework for further competition and develops strength and accuracy as well as confidence and consistency.

Whether you are interested in fun and recreation or looking to further your skills in competitive archery students of all ages will find a comfortable, supportive environment at OPAS. Our Intermediate Archery Academy classes are great fun for the whole family and allow archers of all ages and genders to test their skills against one another in a safe, structured and fun environment.

You can find out more details and signup by clicking this link.

OAA Indoor 300 State Championship Mail-In

The Ohio Archery Association (NFAA) Indoor 300 State Championship Mail-in is scheduled for March 7th, Sunday, at 3:00pm. You can register online at Online Registration. For a complete set of rules for the OAA Indoor 300 Championship. This is the third shoot of OAA/NFAA 2021 season. A 5-Spot round is a long time standard of indoor shooting that is great for the shooters of all skill levels. Great for kids and adults.

This event is open to NFAA members and non-members. Pre-registration is not required but preferred. You can register day of the shoot at the shop.

Our Second Newsletter

We just published our second newsletter. From time to time, we will publish a newsletter letting you know what is new at the shop, new products, upcoming events, highlighting one of our pro-staff and other important archery related news. Your feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All of us at OPAS hope you find this an entertaining and informative brief read. Enjoy! February 2021 Newsletter (pdf).

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